Compact Digital Television (DTV) Antenna for Indoor Usage

Mohamad Aasyraaf Mohd Shaufi, Huda A. Majid, Zuhairiah Zainal Abidin, Samsul Haimi Dahlan, Mohamad Kamal A. Rahim, Osman Bin Ayop


A compact indoor digital antenna for digital terrestrial television is proposed. The design of the antenna begins with the material selection to construct the antenna by using CST software with a standard monopole antenna design. The antenna is then simulated and optimized. A bandwidth of 290 MHz (46.14%) between 500 MHz and 790 MHz is achieved with the antenna gain more than 3 dBi. Simulated results is used to demonstrate the performance of the antenna. The simulated return losses, together with the radiation patterns and gain are presented and discussed.


DTTB; digital antenna; DVB-T2

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