Improved Algorithm for Pathological and Normal Voices Identification

Brahim Sabir, Fatima Rouda, Yassine Khazri, Bouzekri Touri, Mohamed Moussetad


There are a lot of papers on automatic classification between normal and pathological voices, but they have the lack in the degree of severity estimation of the identified voice disorders. Building a model of pathological and normal voices identification, that can also evaluate the degree of severity of the identified voice disorders among students. In the present work, we present an automatic classifier using acoustical measurements on registered sustained vowels /a/ and pattern recognition tools based on neural networks. The training set was done by classifying students’ recorded voices based on threshold from the literature. We retrieve the pitch, jitter, shimmer and harmonic-to-noise ratio values of the speech utterance /a/, which constitute the input vector of the neural network. The degree of severity is estimated to evaluate how the parameters are far from the standard values based on the percent of normal and pathological values. In this work, the base data used for testing the proposed algorithm of the neural network is formed by healthy and pathological voices from German database of voice disorders. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated in a term of the accuracy (97.9%), sensitivity (1.6%), and specificity (95.1%). The classification rate is 90% for normal class and 95% for pathological class.


classification methods; communication disorders; neural networks; voice disorders

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