A Smart Management Approach Investigation for Hybrid Autonomous Power System

Nasri Sihem, Ben Slama Sami, Cherif Adnane


A novel design of system management based on multi-agents approach applied to an autonomous hybrid power system is proposed and investigated. The system under study integrates few elements, some serve to provide power requirements, while the others used to store energy. Among these items, we can mention a Solar Power Source namely (SPS) which works as primary source to feed a DC electric load. The system integrates also a secondary power source namely Power Recovery Source (PRS) based on a fuel cell technology used to compensate the power deficit if required. More than two kinds of energy storage, the first called Hydrogen Generation Element (HGE) including a water electrolyzer to store the energy in hydrogen form, while the second uses an Ultracapacitor Element (UE) to store the energy in its electrical form. To reach the well functioning of the system in order to satisfy the load requirements whatever the facts, an intelligent energy management approach based on multi-agent modeling is implemented and verified. Hence, the reliability and the effectiveness of the applied management strategy, which allows the coordination between the different energy sources and protects the system against any fluctuation, are proved by the obtained results from Matlab/Simulink.


Solar;Fuel Cell;Electrolyzer;Hydrogen;Ultracapacitor;Multi-agent;Management

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v5i6.pp1275-1283

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