AC-RDVT: Acyclic Resource Distance Vector Routing Tables for Dynamic Grid Resource Discovery

Nafiseh Bahrami, Ahmad Habibizad Navin, Mina Alavighi, Ali Asghar Pourhaji Kazem


Since the objective of grid is sharing the numerous and heterogeneous resources, resource discovery is a challenging issue. Recently appeared, Ontosum, is a resource discovery method based on semantically linked organizations and a routing algorithm Resource Distance Vector (RDV), has been presented to forward resource discovery queries into the clusters. Although this framework is efficient for large-scale grids and nodes are clustered automatically based on semantic attributes to constitute a semantically linked overlay network, but the dynamic behavior of grid isn’t considered. In this method, deceptive information is stored in RDV tables (RDVT) which cause some problems in routing process. In this paper, a method is proposed to improve the dynamism of RDV routing algorithm, so the consistency with grid environments is increased. The developed algorithm is assessed by investigating the success probability, number of hops and routing time of resource discovery.



Grid, Resource Discovery, RDV Routing Tables

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