The Security of Arithmetic Compression Based Text Steganography Method

Reihane Saniei, Karim Faez


Security of a modern design of steganography on lossless compression is
studied in this paper. Investigation of a set of methods presented here
indicates that there are various approaches to establish a hidden and safe
relationship with the minimum cost for text files. Although, steganography of information in text is one of the most difficult areas of steganography, many efforts were made in this regard. With regard to the spread of this category and existence of wide volume of approaches, this paper deals with comparison and evaluation of steganography security by a statistical
compression method called arithmetic coding and other methods of text
steganography. Moreover, this method is available for audio-visual and video files. In addition, stego key was placed in a format that it would not arouse any suspicions. It is notable that this new method of steganography or rewriting and syntactic and semantic review does not reveal the secret message and results in 82.88% improvement in security.



Information hiding;Text steganography;Data compression;Arithmetic coding;Security

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