Approach to automating the construction and completion of ontologies in a scientific subject field

Zhanna Sadirmekova, Aslanbek Murzakhmetov, Ainur Abduvalova, Zhanar Altynbekova, Valentina Makhatova, Shynar Akhmetzhanova, Nurbolat Tasbolatuly, Sandugash Serikbayeva


Domain ontologies facilitate the organization, sharing, and reuse of subject areas. Building a software ontology is labor-intensive and time-consuming. In the process of obtaining a software ontology, it is required to analyze a huge number of scientific publications relevant to the software being modeled. The process of ontology replenishing with information from a huge number of scientific publications can be facilitated and accelerated through the use of lexical-syntactic patterns of ontological design. In this paper, we consider the possibility of automated construction of scientific subject area ontologies based on a heterogeneous patterns system of ontological design. This system includes ontological design patterns and is intended for ontology developers. System also includes automatically built lexical and syntactic patterns, which help to automatic replenishment of the ontology with information extracted from natural language texts.


Domain ontology; Modern methods of automatic text processing; Ontology design patterns; Ontology replenishment; Patterns automatic generation

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