Analysis of research on the implementation of Blockchain technologies in regional electoral processes

Jumagaliyeva Ainur, Abdykerimova Elmira, Turkmenbayev Asset, Muratova Gulzhan, Talgat Amangul, Ainur Shekerbek


Implementation of Blockchain technologies in online voting system is becoming increasingly popular in modern society and has significantly efficiency in governance. This article explores how Blockchain technologies can boost government operations, making them more transparent and effective. It focuses on an in-depth analysis of current research and methods on Blockchain-based electronic voting systems. The aim of this study is investigated and analysis the potential contributions of Blockchain technology to e-voting by drawing insights from global best practices. According to literature review and case studies of Blockchain implementation in government are conducted to identify existing systems and methods of e-voting, identifying their strengths and weaknesses by analyzing European countries and preparing the ground for future alternatives. Additionally, it examined the role of public education in fostering trust and understanding of Blockchain technology and analyzed the legislative landscape in neighboring jurisdictions to solidify Blockchain’s role in decision-making processes. The results of the study provide a comprehensive perspective, and the findings emphasize the relevance of the study, its contribution to understanding the problems and prospects of introducing Blockchain into electoral processes at the regional level.


Blockchain technology; Challenges; Decentralization; Electronic voting; Immutability; Security; Transparency

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