Determinant factors of mobile investment app users among generation Z Indonesia

Hidjra Hanif, Reny Nadlifatin, Rizal Risnanda Hutama, Achmad Holil Noor Ali, Satria Fadil Persada


Generation Z, alternatively referred to as the digital native generation, is distinguished by its profound immersion in technological progress. This study elucidates the determinants of generation Z's technological improvement in mobile investing application usage (MIA). As the instrument for factors analysis, the modified unified theory of acceptance and use of technology-2 (UTAUT-2) technique was implemented. The presented hypotheses were validated through the application of structural equation modeling (SEM) to the data acquired from 280 respondents via online questionnaires. The research revealed that trust, habit, performance expectation, and perceived risk had a substantial impact on the behavioral intention of Generation Z to utilize MIA. Furthermore, actual usage behavior is notably influenced by habit and behavioral intention, whereas gender acts as a substantial moderator in relation to performance expectancy and price value variables.


Determinant; Factors; Generation Z; Mobile investment application; Structural equation modelling; UTAUT-2

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