Image enhancement in palmprint recognition: a novel approach for improved biometric authentication

Muhammad Kusban, Aris Budiman, Bambang Hari Purwoto


Several researchers have used image enhancement methods to reduce detection errors and increase verification accuracy in palmprint identification. Divergent opinions exist among experts regarding the best method of image filtering to improve image palmprint recognition. Because of the unique characteristics of palmprints and the difficulties in preventing counterfeiting, image-filtering techniques are the subject of this current research. Researchers hope to create the best biometric system possible by utilizing various techniques. These techniques include image enhancement, Gabor orientation scales, dimension reduction techniques, and appropriate matching strategies. This study investigates how different filtering approaches might be combined to improve images. The palmprint identification system uses a 3W filter, which combines wavelet, Wiener, and weighted filters. Optimizing results entails coordinating the 3W filter with Gabor orientation scales, matching processes, and dimension reduction methods. The research shows that accuracy may be considerably increased using a 3W filter with a Gabor orientation scale of [8×7], the kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) dimension reduction methodology, and a cosine matching method. Specifically, a value of 99.722% can be achieved. These results highlight the importance of selecting appropriate settings and techniques for palmprint recognition systems.


3W filter image enhancement; Cosine matching method; Gabor orientation scale; Kernel principal component analysis; Palmprint recognition

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