Integrated application of synergetic approach for enhancing intelligent steam generator control systems

Siddikov Isamiddin, Umurzakova Dilnoza


This article focuses on the integrated application of the synergetic approach to enhance the quality of intelligent steam generator control systems.By combining various techniques such as model-based control, adaptive control, and artificial intelligence, an efficient and flexible control system can be developed. Model-based control utilizes mathematical models of steam generators to formulate control algorithms and predict system behavior. Adaptive control enables the system to adapt to changing conditions by adjusting control parameters based on real-time measurements. Artificial intelligence techniques, including neural networks and genetic algorithms, facilitate learning, optimization, and data-driven decision-making processes. The objectives of this research are to investigate the benefits of the synergetic approach in steam generator control, including improved steam generation efficiency, optimized energy consumption, enhanced system stability and reliability, and adaptability to varying operating conditions and disturbances. The findings and conclusions of this study are expected to provide valuable insights for engineers, researchers, and professionals involved in the design and implementation of intelligent steam generator control systems. By integrating the synergetic approach, substantial enhancements in control quality can be achieved, leading to optimal operation and maximum efficiency of power plants.


Control laws; Control system; Excitation system; Robust control; Steam generator; Synergetic control theory; Thermal power systems

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