Performance evaluation of low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy-based cluster routing protocols in wireless sensor networks using a new graphical user interface

Ikram Daanoune, Abdennaceur Baghdad


Wireless sensor network (WSN) is widely used for field data acquisition and monitoring in different domains. To make this type of network functional, efficient routing protocols must be implemented. Nevertheless, WSNs have an energy constraint due to limited batteries. Many clustered protocols are proposed to overcome it. However, the implementation of these protocols would be difficult to understand without a simulation tool, as some problems may arise during their development. Testing real-world applications requires a lot of effort and cost because they often use many nodes in large networks. Therefore, the simulation tool is the most relative way to evaluate these protocols. This paper presents graphical-based cluster protocols simulation interface for WSN(GCPS-WSN), a new interface to simulate some clustered protocols in WSNs. GCPS-WSN allows the user to evaluate the performance of certain low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) enhanced protocols to choose the most appropriate one for his system. The user can simulate protocols without any knowledge of software programming.


Clustering; Graphical user interface; Graphical-based cluster protocols simulation interface for WSN; Routing protocol; Wireless sensor network

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