A novel dynamic enterprise architecture model: leveraging MAPE-K loop and case-based reasoning for context awareness

Imane Ettahiri, Karim Doumi


Nowadays, enterprises are required to take the uncertainty of the environment as decisive factor of success. For this reason, Enterprises should be prepared up-stream to react dynamically to the turbulent context. Considering that enterprise architecture is a tool drawing a blueprint that gives a holistic view of the enterprise, this blueprint should be able to represent this awareness to context and implements the techniques and mechanisms to react in a dynamic manner depending on the triggers of change. In this paper, the proposed model stipulates a “context-awareness” that monitors the internal and external context, and then adapt its reaction in alignment with the prefixed goals. The operationalization of our conception is realized through the monitor-analyze-plan-execute-knowledge (MAPE-K) loop, the case-based reasoning and machine learning techniques organized and orchestrated through a global algorithm of 6 main functions to monitor, compare, analyze, plan, execute and enrich the knowledge base. The results are verified in the light of a case study that demonstrates the applicability of our proposed model.


Case-based reasoning; Context-awareness; Dynamic enterprise architecture; Enterprise architecture; Monitor-analyze-plan-execute-knowledge

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i2.pp1875-1889

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