Overbounding Ifree errors based on bayesian Gaussian mixture model for ground-based augmentation system

Sheher Banu, Hameem Shanavas


A dual-frequency measurement is employed in conjunction with an innovative Ifree filtering technique for mitigating the primary sources of Ifree influence on ground-based augmentation systems (GBAS) to safeguard the reliability of GBAS. The protective level achieved through the conventional Gaussian overbounding approach that are considered as much conventional technique. This adherence to tradition results in decreased reliability and a higher likelihood of false alarms. In contrast, the utilization of the Ifree algorithm contributes to reducing errors associated with dual-frequency measurements. This paper proposes the overbounding process according to Bayesian Gaussian mixture model (GMM) for maintaining Ifree-based GBAS range error. The Bayesian GMM is utilized for single-frequency model errors to examine the ambiguity estimations. The Monte Carlo (MC) simulation is established for defining estimated GMM assurance level accuracy which is attained through the general estimation method. Then, the last Bayesian GMM which is utilized for overbounding Ifree error distribution is investigated. According to the property of convolution invariance, the vertical protection in position field is determined without presenting difficult numerical calculations.


Dual-frequency; Gaussian mixture model; Ground-based augmentation system; Ifree-based filtering algorithm; Single-frequency

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i3.pp2834-2842

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