Optimization of CPBIS methods applied on enhanced fibrin microbeads approach for image segmentation in dynamic databases

Ramaraj Muniappan, Thiruvenkadam Thangavel, Govindaraj Manivasagam, Dhendapani Sabareeswaran, Nainan Thangarasu, Chembath Jothish, Bhaarathi Ilango


In the empire of image processing and computer vision, the demand for advanced segmentation techniques has intensified with the growing complexity of visual data. This study focuses on the innovative paradigm of fuzzy mountain-based image segmentation, a method that harnesses the power of fuzzy logic and topographical inspiration to achieve nuanced and adaptable delineation of image regions. This research primarily concentrates on determining the age of tigers, a critical and challenging task in the current scenario. The primary objectives include the development of a comprehensive framework for FMBIS and an in-depth investigation into its adaptability to different image characteristics. This research work incorporates those domains of image processing and data mining to predict the age of the tiger using different kinds of color images. Fuzzy mountain-based pixel segmentation arises from the need to capture the subtle gradients and uncertainties present in images, offering a novel approach to achieving high-fidelity segmentations in diverse and complex scenarios. The proposed methods enable image enhancement and filtering and are then assessed during process time, retrieval time, to give a more accurate and reduced error rate for producing higher results for real-time tiger image database.


Clustering; Data mining; Image classification; Image database; Performance analysis; RGB pixels; Similarity measurements

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i3.pp2803-2813

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