Classification of pathologies on digital chest radiographs using machine learning methods

Murat Aitimov, Ainur Shekerbek, Igor Pestunov, Galitdin Bakanov, Aiymkhan Ostayeva, Gulzat Ziyatbekova, Saule Mediyeva, Gulmira Omarova


This article is devoted to the research and development of methods for classifying pathologies on digital chest radiographs using two different machine learning approaches: the eXtreme gradient boosting (XGBoost) algorithm and the deep convolutional neural network residual network (ResNet50). The goal of the study is to develop effective and accurate methods for automatically classifying various pathologies detected on chest X-rays. The study collected an extensive dataset of digital chest radiographs, including a variety of clinical cases and different classes of pathology. Developed and trained machine learning models based on the XGBoost algorithm and the ResNet50 convolutional neural network using pre-processed images. The performance and accuracy of both models were assessed on test data using quality metrics and a comparative analysis of the results was carried out. The expected results of the article are high accuracy and reliability of methods for classifying pathologies on chest radiographs, as well as an understanding of their effectiveness in the context of clinical practice. These results may have significant implications for improving the diagnosis and care of patients with chest diseases, as well as promoting the development of automated decision support systems in radiology.


eXtreme gradient boosting; Machine learning; Medical imaging texture; Pathology; Residual network, X-rays

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