Sensing complicated meanings from unstructured data: a novel hybrid approach

Shankarayya Shastri, Veeragangadhara Swamy Teligi Math, Patil Nagaraja Siddalingappa


The majority of data on computers nowadays is in the form of unstructured data and unstructured text. The inherent ambiguity of natural language makes it incredibly difficult but also highly profitable to find hidden information or comprehend complex semantics in unstructured text. In this paper, we present the combination of natural language processing (NLP) and convolution neural network (CNN) hybrid architecture called automated analysis of unstructured text using machine learning (AAUT-ML) for the detection of complex semantics from unstructured data that enables different users to make understand formal semantic knowledge to be extracted from an unstructured text corpus. The AAUT-ML has been evaluated using three datasets data mining (DM), operating system (OS), and data base (DB), and compared with the existing models, i.e., YAKE, term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF) and text-R. The results show better outcomes in terms of precision, recall, and macro-averaged F1-score. This work presents a novel method for identifying complex semantics using unstructured data.


Convolutional neural network; Natural language processing; Information extraction; Unstructured text; Complex semantics;

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