Cloud service ranking with an integration of k-means algorithm and decision-making trail and evaluation laboratory approach

Pooja Goyal, Sukhvinder Singh Deora


The present research focuses on ranking cloud services by using the k-means algorithm with multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) approaches that are the prime factor in the decision-making process and have been used to choose cloud services. The tools offered by MCDM can solve almost any decision-making problem. When faced with a selection challenge in the cloud environment, the trusted party would need to weigh the client’s choice against a predetermined list of criteria. There is a wide range of approaches to evaluating the quality of cloud services. The deep learning model has been considered a branch of artificial intelligence that assesses datasets to perform training and testing and makes decisions accordingly. This paper presents a concise overview of MCDM approaches and discusses some of the most commonly used MCDM methods. Also, a model based on deep learning with the k-means algorithm based decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (kDE-MATEL) and analytic network process (ANP) is proposed as k-means algorithm based decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory with analytic network process (kD-ANP) for selecting cloud services. The proposed model uses the k-means algorithm and gives different levels of priority and weight to a set of criteria. A traditional model is also compared with a proposed model to reflect the efficiency of the proposed approach.


Analytic hierarchy process; Preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluation; Quality of service; Service measurement index; Technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution

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