Fuzzy logic method-based stress detector with blood pressure and body temperature parameters

Hanifah Rahmi Fajrin, Sasmeri Sasmeri, Levina Riski Prilia, Bambang Untara, Muhammad Ahdan Fawwaz Nurkholid


In this study, using the fuzzy logic method, a stress detection tool was created with body temperature and blood pressure parameters as indicators to determine a person's stress level. This tool uses the LM35DZ sensor to detect body temperature, the MPX5100GP sensor to read blood pressure values, and Arduino Uno as a data processor from sensor readings which are then calculated using the fuzzy logic method as a stress level decision-maker. The resulting output measures blood pressure, body temperature, and the stress level experienced by a person, which will be displayed on the liquid crystal display. Based on the results of testing the body temperature parameter, the highest error generated was 1.17%, and for the blood pressure parameter, the highest error was 2.5% for systole and 0.93% for diastole. Furthermore, testing the stress level displayed on the tool is compared to the depression, anxiety, and stress scales 42 (DASS 42), a psychological stress measuring instrument. From the results of testing the tool with the questionnaire, the average conformity level is 74%.


Anxiety; Blood pressure; Body temperature; Depression; Fuzzy logic; stress; Stress scales 42 (DASS 42)

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i2.pp2156-2166

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