Design of storage benchmark kit framework for supporting the file storage retrieval

Sanjay Kumar Naazre Vittal Rao, Keshava Munegowda


An open-source software framework called the storage benchmark kit (SBK) is used to store the system benchmarking performance framework. The SBK is designed to perform any storage client or device using any data type as a payload. SBK simultaneously helps number of readers as well as writes to the storage system of large amounts of data as well as allows end-to-end latency benchmarking for multiple writers and readers. The SBK uses standardized performance measures for comparing and evaluating various storage systems and their combinations. Distributed file systems, distributed database systems, single or local node databases, systems of object storage, platforms of distributed streaming and messaging, and systems of key-value storage are the storage solutions supported by SBK. The SBK supports various storage systems like XFS, Kafka streaming storage systems, and Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) performance benchmarking. The experimental results show that a proposed method achieves execution time of 65.530 s, 40.826 s and 30.351 s for the 100k, 500k and 1000k files respectively which ensures better improvement than the existing methods such as simple data interface and distributed data protection system.


Benchmarking; Hadoop distributed file system; Kafka; Storage benchmark kit; XFS file system

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