Real time performance assessment of utility grid interfaced solar photovoltaic plant

Suragani Mohini Padmaja, Sagiraju Dileep Kumar Varma, Koduri Omkar, Gajula Srinivasa Rao


Continuous monitoring of large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) installations is necessary to check the deterioration and monitor the performance of the PV plant. Fault diagnosis is crucial to ensure the PV plant operates safely and reliably. This paper presents a diagnosis methodology based on current-voltage (I-V) and PV characteristics to monitor and assess the behavior of solar PV. In this paper, I-V curve characterization using an I-V curve tracer is used to check the deterioration and diagnosis of the PV panels. The real-time performance of the 50.4 kWp rooftop solar grid interfaced PV plant is investigated and analyzed using I-V and PV curve tracers in real-time conditions. The overall performance of solar PV is assessed on a real-time test system in different scenarios such as variable climatic conditions, partial shading conditions, aging of solar panels, short circuit conditions, and dust decomposition. Furthermore, the performance assessment of solar PV is evaluated using performance indicators such as open circuit voltage index, short circuit current index, fill factor, and performance ratio.


Curve tracer; Fill factor; Grid connected system; Open circuit voltage; Power-voltage curve; Short circuit current; Solar plant

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