Improvement of misalignment tolerance in free-space optical interconnects

Nedal Al-Ababneh, Hasan Aldiabat


In this paper, the use of micro lenses with non-uniform transmittance apertures as an alternative to those with uniform transmittance apertures in optical communication systems is proposed. In particular, we consider the use of micro lenses with tapered Gaussian transmittance profiles to improve the misalignment tolerance in optical interconnects. We study the effects of utilizing Gaussian transmittance profiles on the propagation of light beams and the signal to crosstalk ratio of misaligned optical systems. Moreover, we consider the use of uniform transmittance profiles in optical systems for the sake of comparison. To this end, the crosstalk optical noise is modeled at the plane of the detectors array considering the two scenarios of uniform and Gaussian apertures. This was possible after finding the optical field for both scenarios at the of the detectors array. Numerical results clearly demonstrate the significant improvement in decreasing the crosstalk and increasing the signal to crosstalk ratio in the considered optical systems upon utilizing the Gaussian profiles.


Free space optical interconnects; Misaligned optical systems; Optical crosstalk; Tapered aperture; Wireless communications

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