Hand LightWeightNet: an optimized hand pose estimation for interactive mobile interfaces

Jamal Firmat Banzi, Stanley Leonard


In this paper, a hand pose estimation method is introduced that combines MobileNetV3 and CrossInfoNet into a single pipeline. The proposed approach is tailored for mobile phone processors through optimizations, modifications, and enhancements made to both architectures, resulting in a lightweight solution. MobileNetV3 provides the bottleneck for feature extraction and refinements while CrossInfoNet benefits the proposed system through a multitask information sharing mechanism. In the feature extraction stage, we utilized an inverted residual block that achieves a balance between accuracy and efficiency in limited parameters. Additionally, in the feature refinement stage, we incorporated a new best-performing activation function called “activate or not” ACON, which demonstrated stability and superior performance in learning linearly and non-linearly gates of the whole activation area of the network by setting hyperparameters to switch between active and inactive states. As a result, our network operated with 65% reduced parameters, but improved speed by 39% which is suitable for running in a mobile device processor. During experiment, we conducted test evaluation on three hand pose datasets to assess the generalization capacity of our system. On all the tested datasets, the proposed approach demonstrates consistently higher performance while using significantly fewer parameters than existing methods. This indicates that the proposed system has the potential to enable new hand pose estimation applications such as virtual reality, augmented reality and sign language recognition on mobile devices.


Convolutional neural network, Deep learning, Feature extractor, Hand pose estimation, Human computer interaction

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i2.pp2076-2087

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