Privacy-aware secured discrete framework in wireless sensor network

Nandini Sonnappa, Kempanna Muniyegowda


Rapid expansion of wireless sensor network-internet of things (WSN-IoT) in terms of application and technologies has led to wide research considering efficiency and security aspects. Considering the efficiency approach such as data aggregation along with consensus mechanism has been one of the efficient and secure approaches, however, privacy has been one of major concern and it remains an open issue due to low classification and high misclassification rate. This research work presents the privacy and reliable aware discrete (PRD-aggregation) framework to protect and secure the privacy of the node. It works by initializing the particular variable for each node and defining the threshold; further nodes update their state through the functions, and later consensus is developed among the sensor nodes, which further updates. The novelty of PRD is discretized transmission for efficiency and security. PRD-aggregation offers reliability through efficient termination criteria and avoidance of transmission failure. PRD-aggregation framework is evaluated considering the number of deceptive nodes for securing the node in the network. Furthermore, comparative analysis proves the marginal improvisation in terms of discussed parameter against the existing protocol.


Aggregation; Internet of things; Nodes; Security; Wireless sensor network

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