Transient response mitigation using type-2 fuzzy controller optimized by grey wolf optimizer in converter high voltage direct current

I Made Ginarsa, I Made Ari Nrartha, Agung Budi Muljono, Osea Zebua


Long high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission link is commonly used to transmit electrical energy via land or under-sea cable. The long HVDC avoids reactive power losses (RPL) and power stability problems (PSP). On the contrary, the RPL and PSP phenomena occur in long high voltage alternative current-link (HVAC) caused by the high reactive component in the HVAC-link. However, the HVDC produces a high and slow transient current response (TCR) on the high value of the up-ramp rate. Interval type-2 fuzzy (IT2F) control on converter-side HVDC is proposed to mitigate this TCR problem. The IT2F is optimized by grey wolf optimizer (GWO) to adjust input-output IT2F parameters optimally. The performance of IT2F-GWO is assessed by the minimum value of integral time squared error (ITSE), peak overshoot, and settling time of the TCR. The IT2FC-GWO performance is validated by the performance of IT2F control that is optimized by genetic algorithm (IT2F-GA) and proportional integral (PI) controller. Simulation results show that the IT2F-GWO performs better with small ITSE, low peak overshoot, and shorter settling times than competing controllers.


Converter control; Grey wolf optimizer; High voltage direct current; Transient response mitigation; Type-2 fuzzy

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