Convolutional neural network for estimation of harvest time of forage sorghum (sorghum bicolor) cultivar samurai-1

Kahfi Heryandi Suradiradja, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang, Luki Abdullah, Irman Hermadi


One of the economic alternatives to improve the quality of ruminant feed is combining grass as the main feed with high-protein forages such as sorghum. To get a quality sorghum harvest during the period, it must be right when it has good biomass content, nutrients, and digestibility. The problem is that measuring quality in the laboratory has additional costs and time, which is not short, causing delays. An approach with machine learning using a convolutional neural network can be a better solution. This research uses a convolutional neural network algorithm with the right architecture to estimate sorghum harvest time from imaging results of unmanned aerial vehicles. The stages of this research include data collection, pre-processing, modeling, and finally, the evaluation stage. This research compares the results of several convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm architectural models: simple CNN, ResNet50 V2, visual geometry group-16 (VGG-16), MobileNet V2, and Inception V3. The result is determining the CNN algorithm architectural model that can estimate sorghum harvest time with maximum accuracy. The best result is the simple CNN architectural model with an accuracy of 0.95. This research shows that the classification model obtained from the CNN algorithm with a simple CNN architecture is the choice model for estimating sorghum harvest time.


Convolutional neural network; Estimated harvest; Forage sorghum; Machine learning; Sorghum bicolor

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