Prototype design of a mobile app oriented to adults with obesity

Laberiano Andrade-Arenas, Pedro Molina-Velarde, Cesar Yactayo-Arias


Obesity in adults is a worldwide problem, which is why different countries, through their health-related agencies, implement policies to fight this disease. One of the tools is the use of a mobile application that controls obesity. In this sense, the prototype was designed taking into account different items such as physical activities, body mass index, calorie intake, and food options, among others. The objective of the research is to design a mobile app that allows us to control of obesity in adults. The methodology used is design thinking which allows us to use a systematic approach to reach the objective. An interview was conducted to identify the needs of the user and obtain information regarding their essential needs. In addition, a survey was carried out, the outcome shows satisfaction with a 58% acceptance rate. The beneficiaries of this research are adults who suffer from obesity and healthcare centers. Likewise, research has a positive impact since it focuses on solving problems directly related to health issues.


Design thinking; healthcare; mobile app; obesity; physical activities

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