A checkpointing mechanism for virtual clusters using memory-bound time-multiplexed data transfers

Jumpol Yaothanee, Kasidit Chanchio


Transparent hypervisor-level checkpoint-restart mechanisms for virtual clusters (VCs) or clusters of virtual machines (VMs) offer an attractive fault tolerance capability for cloud data centers. However, existing mechanisms have suffered from high checkpoint downtimes and overheads. This paper introduces Mekha, a novel hypervisor-level, in-memory coordinated checkpoint-restart mechanism for VCs that leverages precopy live migration. During a VC checkpoint event, Mekha creates a shadow VM for each VM and employs a novel memory-bound timed-multiplex data (MTD) transfer mechanism to replicate the state of each VM to its corresponding shadow VM. We also propose a global ending condition that enables the checkpoint coordinator to control the termination of the MTD algorithm for every VM in a VC, thereby reducing overall checkpoint latency. Furthermore, the checkpoint protocols of Mekha are designed based on barrier synchronizations and virtual time, ensuring the global consistency of checkpoints and utilizing existing data retransmission capabilities to handle message loss. We conducted several experiments to evaluate Mekha using a message passing interface (MPI) application from the NASA advanced supercomputing (NAS) parallel benchmark. The results demonstrate that Mekha significantly reduces checkpoint downtime compared to traditional checkpoint mechanisms. Consequently, Mekha effectively decreases checkpoint overheads while offering efficiency and practicality, making it a viable solution for cloud computing environments.


Cloud fault tolerance; Distributed snapshot algorithm; Hypervisor-level checkpointing; In-memory checkpointing; Virtual cluster checkpointing;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i1.pp1147-1165

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