Machine learning in drug supply chain management during disease outbreaks: a systematic review

Gunadi Emmanuel, Arief Ramadhan, Muhammad Zarlis, Edi Abdurachman, Agung Trisetyarso


The drug supply chain is inherently complex. The challenge is not only the number of stakeholders and the supply chain from producers to users but also production and demand gaps. Downstream, drug demand is related to the type of disease outbreak. This study identifies the correlation between drug supply chain management and the use of predictive parameters in research on the spread of disease, especially with machine learning methods in the last five years. Using the Publish or Perish 8 application, there are 71 articles that meet the inclusion criteria and keyword search requirements according to Kitchenham's systematic review methodology. The findings can be grouped into three broad groupings of disease outbreaks, each of which uses machine learning algorithms to predict the spread of disease outbreaks. The use of parameters for prediction with machine learning has a correlation with drug supply management in the coronavirus disease case. The area of drug supply risk management has not been heavily involved in the prediction of disease outbreaks.


disease outbreaks; drug supply chain; endemic; machine learning; prediction;

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