Assessing the advancement of artificial intelligence and drones’ integration in agriculture through a bibliometric study

Hicham Slimani, Jamal El Mhamdi, Abdelilah Jilbab


Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with drones has emerged as a promising paradigm for advancing agriculture. This bibliometric analysis investigates the current state of research in this transformative domain by comprehensively reviewing 234 pertinent articles from Scopus and Web of Science databases. The problem involves harnessing AI-driven drones' potential to address agricultural challenges effectively. To address this, we conducted a bibliometric review, looking at critical components, such as prominent journals, co-authorship patterns across countries, highly cited articles, and the co-citation network of keywords. Our findings underscore a growing interest in using AI-integrated drones to revolutionize various agricultural practices. Noteworthy applications include crop monitoring, precision agriculture, and environmental sensing, indicative of the field’s transformative capacity. This pioneering bibliometric study presents a comprehensive synthesis of the dynamic research landscape, signifying the first extensive exploration of AI and drones in agriculture. The identified knowledge gaps point to future research opportunities, fostering the adoption and implementation of these technologies for sustainable farming practices and resource optimization. Our analysis provides essential insights for researchers and practitioners, laying the groundwork for steering agricultural advancements toward an enhanced efficiency and innovation era.


Agriculture; Artificial intelligence; Bibliometric analysis; Drones; Precision agriculture;

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