Development of an intelligent information resource model based on modern natural language processing methods

Zhanna Sadirmekova, Madina Sambetbayeva, Sandugash Serikbayeva, Gauhar Borankulova, Aigerim Yerimbetova, Aslanbek Murzakhmetov


Currently, there is an avalanche-like increase in the need for automatic text processing, respectively, new effective methods and tools for processing texts in natural language are emerging. Although these methods, tools and resources are mostly presented on the internet, many of them remain inaccessible to developers, since they are not systematized, distributed in various directories or on separate sites of both humanitarian and technical orientation. All this greatly complicates their search and practical use in conducting research in computational linguistics and developing applied systems for natural text processing. This paper is aimed at solving the need described above. The paper goal is to develop model of an intelligent information resource based on modern methods of natural language processing (IIR NLP). The main goal of IIR NLP is to render convenient valuable access for specialists in the field of computational linguistics. The originality of our proposed approach is that the developed ontology of the subject area “NLP” will be used to systematize all the above knowledge, data, information resources and organize meaningful access to them, and semantic web standards and technology tools will be used as a software basis.


information resources; methods natural language processing; natural language processing; text analysis; ontology;

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