Reliable and efficient webserver management for task scheduling in edge-cloud platform

Sangeeta Sangani, Rudragoud Patil


The development in the field of cloud webserver management for the execution of the workflow and meeting the quality-of-service (QoS) prerequisites in a distributed cloud environment has been a challenging task. Though, internet of things (IoT) of work presented for the scheduling of the workflow in a heterogeneous cloud environment. Moreover, the rapid development in the field of cloud computing like edge-cloud computing creates new methods to schedule the workflow in a heterogenous cloud environment to process different tasks like IoT, event-driven applications, and different network applications. The current methods used for workflow scheduling have failed to provide better trade-offs to meet reliable performance with minimal delay. In this paper, a novel web server resource management framework is presented namely the reliable and efficient webserver management (REWM) framework for the edge-cloud environment. The experiment is conducted on complex bioinformatic workflows; the result shows the significant reduction of cost and energy by the proposed REWM in comparison with standard webserver management methodology.


cloud computing; edge-computing; quality of service; reliability; scheduling; Webserver; Workflow;

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