Characterization of electricity demand based on energy consumption data from Colombia

Santiago Toledo-Cortés, Juan Sebastián Lara, Alvaro Zambrano, Fabio Augusto González Osorio, Javier Rosero Garcia


The development of dynamic energy distribution grids to optimize energy resources has become very important at the international level in recent years. A very important step in this development is to be able to characterize the population based on their consumption behaviour. However, traditional consumption meters that report information at a monthly rate provide little information for in-depth analysis. In Colombia, this has changed in recent years due to the implementation and integration of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). This infrastructure allows to record consumption values in small time intervals, and the available data then allows for the execution of many analysis mechanisms. In this paper we present an analysis of the electricity demand profile from a new dataset of energy consumption in Colombia. A characterization of the users demand profiles is presented using a k-means clustering procedure. Whit this customer segmentation technique we show that is possible identify customer consumption patterns and to identify anomalies in the system. In addition, this type of analysis also allows to assess changes in the consumption pattern of users due to social measures such as those resulting from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.


clustering; customer segmentation; electric consumption profile; electric demand; K-means; load classification; smart meter;

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