Time-varying sliding mode controller for heat exchanger with dragonfly algorithm

Arsit Boonyaprapasorn, Suwat Kuntanapreeda, Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn, Tinnakorn Kumsaen, Thunyaseth Sethaput


This article proposes the design of a sliding mode controller with a time-varying sliding surface for the plate heat exchanger. A time-varying sliding mode controller (TVSMC) combines the benefit of the control system’s robustness and convergence rate. Using Lyapunov stability theory, the stability of the designed controller is proved. In addition, the controller parameters of the designed controller are specified optimally via the dragonfly algorithm (DA). The input constraint’s effect is considered in the controller design process by applying the concept of the auxiliary system. The bounded disturbances are applied to investigate the robustness of the proposed techniques. Moreover, the quasi-sliding mode controller (QSMC) is developed as a benchmark to evaluate the convergence behavior of the proposed TVSMC technique. The simulation results demonstrate the proposed TVSMC with the optimal parameters provided by the DA algorithm (TVSMC+DA) can regulate the temperature to the desired level under bounded disturbances. When compared to the QSMC method, the TVSMC+DA performs significantly faster convergence speed and greater reduction in chattering occurrence. The results clearly indicate that the proposed controller can enhance convergence properties while being robust to disturbances.


dragonfly algorithm; feedback control; heat exchanger; sliding mode control; time-varying sliding surface;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i4.pp3958-3968

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