An ontology-based spatial group decision support system for site selection application

Aicha Benelhadj Djelloul, Djamila Hamdadou


This paper presents a new ontology-based multicriteria spatial group decision support system (GDSS) dedicated to site selection problems. Site selection is one of the most complex problems in the construction of a new building. It presents a crucial problem in terms of selecting the appropriate site among a group of decision makers with multiple alternatives (sites); in addition, the site must satisfy several criteria. To deal with this, the present paper introduces an ontology based multicriteria analysis method to solve semantic heterogeneity in vocabulary used by participants in spatial group decision support systems. The advantages of using ontology in GDSS are many: i) it enables the integration of heterogeneous sources of data available on the web and ii) it enables to facilitate meaning and sharing of data used in GDSS by participants. In order to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between participants in GDSS, our work aims to apply ontology at the model's structuration phase. The proposed system has been successfully implemented and exploited for a personalized environment.


group decision support system; multi agent system; multicriteria decision method; ontology; ontology matching;

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