Arduino based 74-series integrated circuits testing system at gate level

Yasir Hashim, Marwa Awni, Abdullah Mufeed


The goal of this research article is to build and implement a low-cost, user-friendly 74-series logic integrated circuits (ICs) tester that is independent of a computer. Depending on the truth table of the gates and the IC configuration, the logic IC tester will be able to test the operation of the 74 series logic gates (AND, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR) of those ICs. It is feasible to test a range of logic ICs with higher pin widths thanks to the proposed system’s usage of an Arduino Mega platform module as a microcontroller, which provides the ability to connect 54 programmed logic inputs or outputs. The versatility offered by this design and the use of a personal computer allow for the reprograming and updating of the logic IC functional tester. Any 74-series ICs testing outcome will be shown on liquid crystal display (LCD) at the gate level. The logic IC functional tester was successfully constructed and operates flawlessly.


74-series; integrated circuits; logic; logic gate; testing;

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