Adaptive sliding mode control for uncertain wheel mobile robot

Hoa Van Doan, Nga Thi-Thuy Vu


In this paper a simple adaptive sliding mode controller is proposed for tracking control of the wheel mobile robot (WMR) systems. The WMR are complicated systems with kinematic and dynamic model so the error dynamic model is built to simplify the mathematical model. The sliding mode control then is designed for this error model with the adaptive law to compensate for the mismatched. The proposed control scheme in this work contains only one control loop so it is simple in both implementation and mathematical calculation. Moreover, the requirement of upper bounds of disturbance that is popular in the sliding mode control is cancelled, so it is convenient for real world applications. Finally, the effectiveness of the presented algorithm is verified through mathematical proof and simulations. The comparison with the existing work is also executed to evaluate the correction of the introduced adaptive sliding mode controller. Thoroughly, the settling time, the peak value, the integral square error of the proposed control scheme reduced about 50% in comparison with the compared disturbance observer based sliding mode control.


adaptive controller; disturbances; sliding mode controller; wheel mobile robot; wheel slips;

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