Downlink massive full dimension-multiple input multiple output downlink beamforming analysis at 3.5 GHz using coordinated ON-OFF switching

Chilukuri Nishanthi, Nallagarla Ramamurthy


The long-term evolution and advancement (LTE-A) of the 5G wireless network depends critically on energy consumption. Many existing solutions focus on limiting power constraints and consequently system coverage. So, improving the antenna array elements of the base station (BS) can solve this issue. In this paper, introduce a coordinated ON-OFF switching method in the massive full dimensional multiple input multiple output (massive-FD-MIMO) system. It enhances the radiation pattern of the antenna array element by adjusting the angular power spectra at the BS. By the way, it allows to select the minimum number of antennas for effective beamforming toward specific user equipment’s (UEs). In this context, part of antenna element should be active mode and remining should be sleep mode at the time of signal beamforming. The multipath spatial profiles are decided the beamforming frequency band with minimize energy consumption. As part of the method, we used a conjugated beamforming with power optimization scheme to determine the individual antenna potential and fading channel condition, power optimization is performed. This method quality of service, reliability, energy consumption and data rate can all be evaluated by experimenting with different-sized antenna arrays such as 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 and 128×128.


conjugated beamforming; coordinated ON-OFF switching; multipath spatial profile interreference contributed power; UEs specific power allocation strategy;

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