African vulture optimizer algorithm based vector control induction motor drive system

Reham H. Mohammed, Ahmed M. Ismaiel, Basem E. Elnaghi, Mohamed E. Dessouki


This study describes a new optimization approach for three-phase induction motor speed drive to minimize the integral square error for speed controller and improve the dynamic speed performance. The new proposed algorithm, African vulture optimizer algorithm (AVOA) optimizes internal controller parameters of a fuzzy like proportional differential (PD) speed controller. The AVOA is notable for its ease of implementation, minimal number of design parameters, high convergence speed, and low computing burden. This study compares fuzzy-like PD speed controllers optimized with AVOA to adaptive fuzzy logic speed regulators, fuzzy-like PD optimized with genetic algorithm (GA), and proportional integral (PI) speed regulators optimized with AVOA to provide speed control for an induction motor drive system. The drive system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink and laboratory prototype is implemented using DSP-DS1104 board. The results demonstrate that the suggested fuzzy-like PD speed controller optimized with AVOA, with a speed steady state error performance of 0.5% compared to the adaptive fuzzy logic speed regulator’s 0.7%, is the optimum alternative for speed controller. The results clarify the effectiveness of the controllers based on fuzzy like PD speed controller optimized with AVOA for each performance index as it provides lower overshoot, lowers rising time, and high dynamic response.


adaptive fuzzy logic speed regulators; african vulture optimizer algorithm; fuzzy like proportional differential; induction motor variable speed drive;

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