Design and development of a delta robot system to classify objects using image processing

Vo Duy Cong, Le Hoai Phuong


In this paper, a delta robot is designed to grasp objects in an automatic sorting system. The system consists of a delta robot arm for grasping objects, a belt conveyor for transmitting objects, a camera mounted above the conveyor to capture images of objects, and a computer for processing images to classify objects. The delta robot is driven by three direct current (DC) servo motors. The controller is implemented by an Arduino board and Raspberry Pi 4 computer. The Arduino is programmed to provide rotation to each corresponding motor. The Raspberry Pi 4 computer is used to process images of objects to classify objects according to their color. An image processing algorithm is developed to classify objects by color. The blue, green, red (BGR) image of objects is converted to HSV color space and then different thresholds are applied to recognize the object’s color. The robot grasps objects and put them in the correct position according to information received from Raspberry. Experimental results show that the accuracy when classifying red and yellow objects is 100%, and for green objects is 97.5%. The system takes an average of 1.8 s to sort an object.


Arduino; delta robot; image processing; Raspberry Pi; sorting system;

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