Cloud security: literature survey

Amruta Gadad, Devi Anbusezhiyan


Today, the growth of digitalization has made the ease for livelihood for all the organizations. Cloud computing the storage provider for all the computer resources has made it easy for accessing the data from anywhere anytime. But at the same time the security for cloud data storage is the major drawback which is provided by various cryptographic algorithms. These algorithms convert the data into unreadable format, known as cipher text, Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (RSA) one of the most popularly used asymmetric algorithm. This paper gives detailed review about such different cryptographic algorithms used for the cloud data security. The comparison study is also made for the size of data and to analyze the encryption time and decryption time, which concludes that to enhance the cloud data security some addon techniques are to be used along with these cryptographic algorithms. To increase the security level and to increase the transmission speed of plaintext, integrated method will be proposed by encoding the plaintext to intermediate plaintext and then intermediate plaintext will be compressed using any one of the compression techniques to increase the compression ratio, lastly the compressed file is encrypted to further enhance the security level.


cloud computing; cloud data security; decryption; encryption; Rivest, Shamir and Adleman;

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