Single-phase transformerless inverter topologies at different levels for a photovoltaic system, with proportional resonant controller

Lamreoua Abdelhak, Anas Benslimane, Bouchnaif Jamal, Mostafa El Ouariachi


In this paper, we have studied the topologies of single-phase transformerless inverters with different levels using a proportional-integral-resonant (PIR) AC controller, and the multi-level cascade inverter topology with sinusoidal pulse with modulation (SPWM) control in an open and closed loop. To ensure that these photovoltaic inverters can inject a defined amount of reactive power into the grid according to international regulations. Therefore, precise monitoring of the mains voltage vector by a phase-locked loop (PLL) system is applied to ensure the proper functioning of this system. For inverter topologies with less than three levels, the simulation results show that the highly efficient and reliable inverter concept (HERIC) topology performance is better than that of H5 and H6. On the other hand, the performance of the topology H6 ameliorate is superior to those of H4, H5, and HERIC in currents of leakage. On the other hand, for the control of cascaded multi-level closed-loop inverters, we notice that there is an improvement in the spectra and the elimination of all frequency harmonics, close to that of the fundamental, and a reduction in the rate of harmonic current distortion.


cascaded multilevel inverter; leakage current; photovoltaic system; single-phase inverter; transformerless inverter;

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