IEC 61850-9-2 based module for state estimation in co-simulated power grids

David Celeita, Mario A. Rios, David M. Laverty, Jaime Forero, Andres F. Moreno-Jaramillo, Sean McLoone


This paper presents a research context on the virtualization of phasor measurement units (PMUs) and real-time power grids simulation with state estimation. In this research, real-time simulation is introduced to use powerful features for validating state estimation solutions with PMUs. Virtual and online measurement equipment are reviewed in this manuscript to develop an innovative integration of the OpenPMU incorporated with a real-time simulation power grid and additional virtualized PMUs. The implementation of the platform has useful features within the infrastructure that allows the user to reproduce a detailed modeled power grid with simulation software. The use of real-time simulation tools brings several possibilities for improving testing and prototype assessment with higher precision in different applications. In this case, 2 tests power systems are evaluated by realistic integration of IEC61850-9-2 data utilization to observe the performance of a customized state estimation approach. The study implements a versatile methodology for commissioning OpenPMU devices, interacting simultaneously with additional virtual PMUs within the same simulation through sampled values (SV) to validate the measurement frames and assess the estimation with the generated data. Finally, the proposed work identifies the potential of virtualizing PMUs and the features of the OpenPMU applied to state estimation in conjunction with real-time simulation data.


OpenPMU; phasor measurement unit; power system monitoring; real-time simulation; state estimation; synchrophasor;

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