An automated essay evaluation system using natural language processing and sentiment analysi

Vijaya Shetty Sadanand, Kadagathur Raghavendra Rao Guruvyas, Pranav Prashantha Patil, Jeevan Janardhan Acharya, Sharvani Gunakimath Suryakanth


An automated essay evaluation system is a machine-based approach leveraging long short-term memory (LSTM) model to award grades to essays written in English language. natural language processing (NLP) is used to extract feature representations from the essays. The LSTM network learns from the extracted features and generates parameters for testing and validation. The main objectives of the research include proposing and training an LSTM model using a dataset of manually graded essays with scores. Sentiment analysis is performed to determine the sentiment of the essay as either positive, negative or neutral. The twitter sample dataset is used to build sentiment classifier that analyzes the sentiment based on the student’s approach towards a topic. Additionally, each essay is subjected to detection of syntactical errors as well as plagiarism check to detect the novelty of the essay. The overall grade is calculated based on the quality of the essay, the number of syntactic errors, the percentage of plagiarism found and sentiment of the essay. The corrected essay is provided as feedback to the students. This essay grading model has gained an average quadratic weighted kappa (QWK) score of 0.911 with 99.4% accuracy for the sentiment analysis classifier.


Essay scoring; Long short-term memory; Natural language processing; Plagiarism check; Sentiment analyzer

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