Exploring machine learning techniques for fake profile detection in online social networks

Bharti Bharti, Nasib Singh Gill, Preeti Gulia


The online social network is the largest network, more than 4 billion users use social media and with its rapid growth, the risk of maintaining the integrity of data has tremendously increased. There are several kinds of security challenges in online social networks (OSNs). Many abominable behaviors try to hack social sites and misuse the data available on these sites. Therefore, protection against such behaviors has become an essential requirement. Though there are many types of security threats in online social networks but, one of the significant threats is the fake profile. Fake profiles are created intentionally with certain motives, and such profiles may be targeted to steal or acquire sensitive information and/or spread rumors on online social networks with specific motives. Fake profiles are primarily used to steal or extract information by means of friendly interaction online and/or misusing online data available on social sites. Thus, fake profile detection in social media networks is attracting the attention of researchers. This paper aims to discuss various machine learning (ML) methods used by researchers for fake profile detection to explore the further possibility of improvising the machine learning models for speedy results.


fake profile; machine learning; online social network; security threats; unsupervised learning;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i3.pp2962-2971

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