Proposed system for data security in distributed computing in using ‎triple data encryption standard and ‎Rivest Shamir ‎Adlemen

Shihab A. Shawkat, Bilal A. Tuama, Israa Al_Barazanchi


Cloud computing is considered a distributed computing paradigm in which resources ‎are ‎provided as services. In cloud computing, the ‎applications do not run ‎from a user’s personal computer but are run and stored on distributed ‎servers on the Internet. The ‎resources of the cloud infrastructures are shared on cloud ‎computing on the Internet in the open ‎environment. This increases the security problems in ‎security such as data confidentiality, data ‎integrity and data availability, so the solution of such ‎problems are conducted by adopting data ‎encryption is very important for securing users data. ‎In this paper, a comparative ‎study is done between the two security algorithms on a cloud ‎platform called eyeOS. From the ‎comparative study it was found that the Rivest Shamir ‎Adlemen ‎(3kRSA) algorithm ‎outperforms that triple data encryption standard (3DES) algorithm with ‎respect to the complexity, and output bytes. The main ‎drawback of the 3kRSA algorithm is its ‎computation time, while 3DES is faster than that ‎‎3kRSA. This is useful for storing large amounts of ‎data used in the cloud computing, the key ‎distribution and authentication of the asymmetric ‎encryption, speed, data integrity and data ‎confidentiality of the symmetric encryption are also ‎important also it enables to execute ‎required computations on this encrypted data.‎


3kRSA algorithm; Cloud security; Information security; ‎Triple data encryption standard algorithm

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