Modeling and analysis of field-oriented control based permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system using fuzzy logic controller with speed response improvement

Parvathy Thampi Mooloor Sahridayan, Raghavendra Gopal


The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) acts as an electrical motor mainly used in many diverse applications. The controlling of the PMSM drive is necessary due to frequent usage in various systems. The conventional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller’s drawbacks are overcome with fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and adopted in the PMSM drive system. In this manuscript, an efficient field-oriented control (FOC) based PMSM drive system using a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is modeled to improve the speed and torque response of the PMSM. The PMSM drive system is modeled using abc to αβ and αβ to abc transformation, 2-level space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM), AC to DC rectifier with an inverter, followed by PMSM drive, proportional integral (PI) controller along with FLC. The FLC’s improved fuzzy rule set is adopted to provide faster speed response, less % overshoot time, and minimal steady-state error of the PMSM drive system. The simulation results of speed response, torque response, speed error, and phase currents are analyzed. The FLC-based PMSM drive is compared with the conventional PID-based PMSM drive system with better improvements in performance metrics.


Field-oriented control; Fuzzy logic controller; Permanent magnet synchronous motor; Proportional-integral-derivative controller; Speed response; Torque

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