Smart internet of things kindergarten garbage observation system using Arduino uno

Ali Abdulameer Aldujaili, Mohammed Dauwed, Ahmed Meri, Safa Sami Abduljabbar


Increase the in population and kindergarten number, especially in urban areas made it difficult to properly manage waste. Thus, this paper proposed a system dedicated to kindergartens to manage to dispose of waste, the system can be called smart garbage based on internet of things (SGI). To ensure a healthy environment and an intelligent waste in the kindergarten management system in an integrated manner and supported by the internet of things (IoT), we presented it in detail identification, the SGI system includes details like a display system, an automatic lid system, and a communication system. This system supplied capabilities to monitor the status of waste continuously and on IoT website can show the percentage of waste placed inside the bin. And by using a Wi-Fi communication system, between the system unit and the monitoring body, to collect waste when the trash is full. The smart system proposed in this paper is the most efficient system of traditional waste management systems because it reduces the use of manpower and significantly limits the spread of waste and fully controls it. Additionally, it can be linked via the IoT to the mobile, thus forming an integrated monitoring system.


Internet of things; Microcontroller; Sensor; Smart garbage; Ultrasonic; Wi-Fi

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