A new approach to design line start permanent magnet synchronous motors

Karol Swierczynski, Maciej Antal, Marcin Habrych, Bartosz Brusilowicz


The article describes a new approach to line start permanent magnet synchronous motors (LSPMSM) design process. This different, novel approach is based on the modification of mass-produced induction motors. The presented method facilitates and expedites the electrical motor design process. A field-circuit model of the motor has been created to expound the methodology of the process. Then, the machine's geometry was changed to apply permanent magnets. The problems and benefits associated with the use of permanent magnets were described. The created model was tested. The authors examined the operation of the LSPMSM motor in different states, such as starting, no-load, and blocked-rotor tests. Electromechanical characteristics have been plotted. The simulation results were compared with the parameters and characteristics of the induction motor. The conducted tests proved the correctness of the design process. The operational properties of the motor have been improved. Moreover, the validity of using LSPMSM motors instead of induction motors has also been demonstrated.


field-circuit model; induction motors; line start permanent magnet synchronous motors; permanent magnet machines;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i3.pp2508-2516

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