Approaches for smart linear regression in a difficult quasi economic dispatch problem

Susanta Kumar Gachhayat, Saroja Kumar Dash, Banalata Priyadarshani Deo


Traditional methods indispensably necessitate monotonically increasing characteristic for fuel cost of generators in a thermal power plant. However, in medium and large thermal power plants, this condition is a dream to accomplish. So, to meet out these exigencies heuristic methods like swarm optimization technique, genetic algorithm technique and bee colony based hybrid solar thermal technology (BHSTT) are used to realize the practical nonlinearities associated with valve point loading emanated out of multi-valving effect, associated with power station. However, the heuristic methods too face challenges arising out of bulky thermal power plants adopting cubic cost functions and possessing stringent non-convex economic dispatch problem following multi-valving and erratic behavior of nonlinear loads at the load center. So, at its favor function evaluation method dealing with cubic cost function is attempted in this dissertation to yield a satisfactory optimal solution for economic dispatch problem. This method deals with the real power generation of producing units as well as the complex power of units, as well as dealing with severe nonlinear stringent fuel cost characteristics that are prevalent in today’s bulky thermal power plants. In comparison to previous approaches, the findings achieved are highly encouraging.


approaches for smart linear regression in a difficult quasi economic dispatch; bee colony-based hybrid solar thermal technique; economic load dispatch; quartic equation; sine cosine;

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