Study of the performance of fault-tolerant multi-level inverter included in shunt active power filter

Omar Fethi Benaouda, Mohamed Mezaache, Hind Djeghloud, Azzedine Bendiabdellah


Nowadays, the large number of shunt active power filters (SAPF) is installed in many grid networks to eliminate the source currents harmonics and enhance power quality. These filters are installed in different places according to the filtration requirements. The connection between SAPF and grid network has a negative effect during the open-circuit fault of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switch of the SAPF. This paper proposes the application of the new diagnostic method based on the trigonometric circle and mean value variations techniques to the early detection and precise location of the open-circuit fault of the IGBT switches, and the inclusion of the modified reconfigurable inverter topology to allow the perfect continuity of the filter currents, and improve the diagnostic of the open-circuit fault. A single-sided amplitude spectrum technique (SSAS) is applied on the source currents to get the THDi% value. The obtained simulation results prove, the great success of the proposed diagnostic method, the ability of the modified reconfigurable inverter to be adapted to the grid network, the short response time between the diagnosis and the reconfiguration process is about 7 ms which is very sufficient to guarantee the rapid continuity of the shunt active power filter.


mean value variation; open-circuit fault; reconfiguration; shunt active power filters; SSAS; three-level inverter; trigonometric circle;

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